October 3, 2020


Overwatch 2 may be on the horizon this year, but the first game is still succeeding as an esport and has been for a good few years now. The Overwatch League has a whopping 20 teams that compete over 26 weeks for their share of $5 million and now we’re into the third season, it means things should be fairly smooth sailing. Long gone are the days of the Shanghai Dragons losing 42 matches on the bounce because every team is more than capable of winning each match.

When it comes to Overwatch esports, South Korea and the U.S.A are the dominant countries, with 24 of the top 25 top earners hailing from either one (the only other player is from Sweden). Almost $22 million has been dished out so far and while the seasonal playoffs are the culmination of the top teams, the Overwatch World Cup is perhaps the most exciting tournament to watch as a fan so you can root for your country.

Coming up in the Overwatch League schedule are matches starting on February 8 running all the way until mid-August, followed by the World Cup later in the year. Although every platform has ranked play, Overwatch esports is only on PC. You can get stuck in by competing in the Overwatch Open Division once you’re confident enough in your abilities.